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A downloadable Running out of Power for Windows

There are 3 modes: Classic, Cloud and Catch.

In Classic Mode, you have to click the clouds shoot thunderbolts.
You need to get the thunderbolts to the catchers to restore power.
In Cloud Mode, you are the cloud and have to shoot bolts into
the catchers.
In Catch Mode, you are the catcher and need to catch the bolts.
In all modes, the power goes down very fast, so you need to replenish
it quickly, or else it's Game Over.
You can make the floor electric, so when bolts hit the ground, you
lose immediately. You can also make the power go down even

NOTE: thunderstorm.exe is the installer, is the source code.
Update: A few bug fixes and new textures.

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Published 17 days ago
Tags2D, Arcade, Fast-Paced, Ludum Dare 39, simple
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Install instructions

Download Thunderstorm.exe and run it. This will install Thunderstorm.


thunderstorm.exe (7 MB)
Download (10 MB)

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